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Repairs and Installations

KM Auto Care in Yorkton offers several automotive services for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and commercial vehicles. We service, repair, and replace parts in each of these service areas.

Air Conditioning

Heat & Air Conditioning

KM Auto Care provides heat and air conditioning services, including refrigerant refills and minor maintenance. We also repair and replace blower motors, heater cores, compressors, valves, and parts of the ventilation system. Our mechanics will do whatever is needed to ensure your car is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.



Under normal conditions, vehicle batteries typically last about 5 years. If your battery has worn out or been damaged, KM Auto Care has brand new replacement batteries from the most trusted manufacturers. If a dead car battery was the result of leaving your lights on, we can most likely recharge the existing battery rather than replace it.


Belts and Hoses

Our Yorkton mechanics also repair or replace any of your vehicle’s belts and hoses. These include your coolant hoses, timing belts and serpentine belts. The belts and hoses in your vehicle run the pulleys that operate your steering pump, water pump, alternator, and air pump. When any of these belts become worn or frayed, a breakdown and major parts damage can occur. We have the parts in our inventory to replace any of these belts and the hoses in your car to get you back on the road quickly.



Brake system repairs are crucial for keeping you safe while driving. The longer you wait to repair a brake problem, the higher the risk of an accident or damage to other parts of your car becomes. KM Auto Care provides routine maintenance and urgent brake repair services. These include replacing the pads, rotors, drums, or lines, repairing hose or line leaks, and topping off or replacing brake fluid.

Wheel Alignment & Suspensions

Wheel Alignment & Suspensions

If your car is pulling to one side, the steering wheel is shaky, or you feel the car drifting slightly, your car may need a wheel alignment. KM Auto Care provides wheel alignments, along with suspension repairs. Your suspension system includes the shock absorbers and struts, which protect your vehicle from vibrations resulting from rough areas on the road, and also make your ride smoother. From repairing small parts to complete system replacement, we’ll take care of any repair you need.

Lifts & Leveling Kits Installation

KM Auto Care also provides installation of lifts and leveling kits. If you want to boost your car or truck’s performance or enhance the aesthetics of the exterior, we have an inventory of lifts and leveling kits that are compatible with your vehicle.

Tune-up & Maintenance

We also provide tune-up and maintenance services for vehicles in Yorkton. This includes an overall inspection, replacement of spark plugs as needed, topping off of fluids, parts lubrication, and replacement of fuel, oil, air, and cabin air filters as needed. Maintenance also includes brake fluid changes. We can also check your tire pressure and make adjustments to ensure you get the most life out of your tires.

Engine Replacement

Repairman under the hood

If you have a car that needs a new engine, KM Auto Care provides engine replacements to extend the life of your vehicle. We can match your current engine or upgrade your engine for better performance. Our experienced mechanics have done engine replacements for cars, trucks, and SUVs of all makes and models.


We also provide transmission services, including transmission fluid flushes. Flushing your transmission fluid is a preventative maintenance service that can save you from major repairs in the future. If your vehicle has a worn transmission, we offer complete replacement as well.

SGI Vehicle Safety Inspections

SGI Vehicle Safety Inspections

We are an SGI Vehicle Safety Inspection Station out of Province, total loss and police requested.


Our mechanics also provide radiator services to ensure your vehicle does not get too cool or overheat. Your radiator cools down many parts of your vehicle’s engine and system parts, taking in hot air and blowing out cool air to maintain the right temperature under the hood.

Power Steering

KM Auto Care also provides power steering repairs for any type of vehicle. If it becomes difficult to steer your vehicle especially when turning, you hear a whining or humming noise, or you see any type of power steering fluid leak, bring your car in for repair right away. We can make any minor or major repair to your power steering quickly and affordably.

Front & Rear Differentials/Transfer Case Service

We also service front and rear differentials, which control the variations of speed in the front and rear tire rotations when making a turn. We also repair and replace transfer cases, which transfer power to and from each differential.